Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Last week I discovered a small wrinkle above my eyebrow. Over the past few months, more greys have been creeping in and what I thought were big freckles I think are age spots. And as much as I like to ignore it, gravity is taking hold.

I was getting pretty freaked out at first. It's all come on so sudden. Clearly I've reached a turning point and things are just going to start changing no matter how much I exercise, eat well and try and reduce stress.

The more I've thought about it, I'm realizing there is such a small window for our "youth"/"prime", but the majority of our lives (if we live an average lifespan) is riddled with greys, wrinkles and sags.

So considering we spend most of our time in this state, I think we need to start embracing it as beautiful and the new "prime". Why live with such anxiety over the progression nature has in store for us? Why place such a high premium on a portion of our lives that is so short in comparison to the larger part of our existence?

Gravity rules!