Saturday, November 7, 2009


Last night Marlon and I were getting on I-5 by the Rose Quarter to head home for the evening. Within seconds, we heard a loud crash behind us. We’d just missed being in a major accident by inches. I couldn’t understand why the sudden pile up and looked over to see a police car that had stopped traffic suddenly which led to this series of rear endings.

The officer was standing over the body of homeless man who was on the edge of the freeway. He was just sitting with his body slumped over.... not moving. I’m not sure if he was alive. The image was extremely startling. It shook me more than the accident behind us.

How does life get so bad you are slumped over on the side of the freeway?

I’m feeling both broken hearted and unsettled. Not sure what to do, but I will be doing something, that is for certain.