Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I've been lagging on my blog posts. I've actually been doing a new round of research- my father has asked me to do a piece on yoga vs. stretching, which I am working on. Coming in the next week. I've also got some things brewing with regard to my new health regimen- no sugar, wheat, flour, bad fats or soy... all "bad mood foods". Stay tuned.

I've also been focused on bringing my health back into alignment. Some of my routines got broken in the past couple of years- particularly my yoga practice, working out and eating well. I seem to be back on track, but my goodness does it take a lot of discipline and fighting temptation. So many days I just didn't want to go to the studio or gym. So many moments wanting a "treat." I've been reminding myself every moment how good it feels to stay on course, and how crappy it feels to fall off. That seems to help get me on track. But boy it sure isn't easy.

If you are reading this and trying to dedicate yourself to something health related, my support is with you. Overcoming habits, addictions, lethargy, etc. is not easy. Stay strong! We all have more strength within us than we know... if you hold on tight and keep with your goals (no matter how many tricks your mind plays on you) you will find your strength. I promise. It is there.

Ok, enough with the rant. More substantive updates soon.

Keep well.

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