Friday, April 22, 2011

When is something too much?

I was challenged this week on whether my recent focus on fitness and nutrition will get to a point where it is comprimising other pleasures in life.

It's a good question. I've seen people become obsessive and had the same question for others. There is a fine line with working persistently toward a goal and great health and becoming so fixated it becomes an addiction and rattles the all important "balance".

At the moment, I am using the following as my gage:

  • Am I still making time for my friends and family?

  • Can I have a conversation about things other than fitness and health? (this one is a little shakey at the moment :) )

  • Am I so fixated on food that I don't actually enjoy it?

  • Are any other priorities in my life that are being comprimised?

With this being a completely new realm for me, I'd be curious if others have input on when a passion for fitness or working toward a goal crosses the line into unhealthiness.

Once you get a groove, it's just so hard not to want more!

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