Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010- If we build it...

The symbolic turning of the new year and decade has completely energized me. I've had lots of coffee dates over the past few weeks and am hearing an unanimous cry for something new and inspired. We saw a first glimpse of this with the Obama campaign. His rally for change and hope tapped what I believe people have been seeking for quite some time. There was excitement in the air.

But with the realities of what it takes to make change (time!), it feels like this inspiration has fizzled over the past year. So here we are again, waiting for an inspirational moment in the world. Hoping to have more meaning in our work. Wishing corporate America had more heart. Looking for more simplicity. And an interesting gravitation toward health and wellness.

My challenge to myself and those around me is to keep up the desire to have an amazing year (and decade). If we build it, it will happen. So this requires everyone to have a positive attitude. To keep an optimistic eye on what we dream of. To ask the universe for what we want. To share with one another and collaborate around healthy things. To laugh. To brainstorm. To dream. To abandon fear and make room for the belief that everything is going to be amazing.

I know this borders cheesy, but I truly believe if we all stay inspired and relentless about having a great year, we will.

So let's do it! Here's to 2010 and deeming the next decade the inspired age.

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