Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fear... What is it good for...

Absolutely nothing!

Ok, not entirely true. I have been grappling with fear the past several weeks and really seeing how prevalent it is in so many people's lives (and how much people use it to base their decision making process, which is not a great filter). I've also seen where it serves us and where it doesn't.

I have made a very conscious decision to put it aside and am amazed how great things are without it. Same circumstances, but without the stress and a lot more emotional space to for passion and excitement. It's so much more healthy and productive.

That said, a little fear isn't too bad. In my case, it has helped motivate me to get out and talk to lots of people. But without proper management, it could be completely paralyzing and lead to self fulfilling prophecies.

So it's good for something, but has to be put in it's place.

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