Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just Breathe!

Five years ago, I made a major commitment to my health. My life had reached a point that was far from desirable and I decided I wasn't going to be disappointed with what I saw in the mirror every morning.

It wasn't about my physical reflection (although that left a lot to be desired ;-) ). It was about not knowing who I was looking at. The stress of life had taken hold and I'd repeatedly made poor choices for myself to try and find joy.

Unfortunately, these choices only made it worse. To be specific, I didn't spend a moment thinking about what I was eating, I drank too much, and exercise was a rarity. I blamed it all on having a stressful job, not having time and/or needing to relax.

On the morning of May 19, 2004, I decided I was going to make a change. I was tired of my own excuses and procrastination- it was a now or never moment.

So I bit the bullet, gave up drinking entirely, hit the gym and yoga every day and slowly became more mindful of what I was eating.

It's been a long journey in the past five years, and quite frankly not an easy one. I've had to face myself. I've had to say “no thanks” a million times. I've had to stay very disciplined in a very tempting society. I've had many, many moments where I have felt like an island and no longer part of the fun.

But... not a day goes by that I am not grateful for the decisions I have made (and more grateful for the support I have had). Why? Because I can face myself in the mirror each morning with more peace and knowing I am acting lovingly toward myself.

I've decided to start this blog to share my learnings. With life being as stressful as it is, I have the greatest empathy for people's needs for relief, escape and bonding. I too need them, and in my journey have picked up some interesting tools- breathing, yoga, laughter, vitamins, fresh food and good friends/family.

I'm highly dedicated to living a healthy life, so as I learn things that help me do so I will share.

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