Monday, February 23, 2009

Sleep Aid

I am a chronic sufferer of insomnia, which takes all different flavors. Sometimes I can't fall asleep, but most of the time I can fall asleep but then wake up around midnight or 1:00a.m. and can't stay asleep. In the past year I made an amazing discovery- Melatonin. I swear by it now.

You can find in natural food sections- Fred Meyer has a brand called "Knock Out" I used for a while. Now I am using a a brand called "Now" that seems more effective. I've seen it at Whole Foods, New Seasons and Vitamin Stores so pretty common.

I'm currently just taking 1mg which seems just fine. I've heard one person say she got used to it over time, so she only took a few days a week not to build up tolerance. I haven't had this problem, but something to consider if you do. Another person told me she started having bad dreams over time, so cut the dosage in half and it was solved. I think you can actually take more mg, but one seems to work for me.

Overall, great solution- and natural! :)

Couple other things that help...

Child's pose helps if you do before bed (stay in for 3-5 minutes+)- see the following site for instruction-

Breathe- try inhaling through your nose (mouth closed) to the count of 6, hold 3, exhale 6 through your nose (mouth closed)... do 5 rounds (if you can inhale more, try 8-4-8 or 4-7-8)... more on breathing later, but this is a very soothing activity to do in bed and it will calm you into a restful state. Be sure to do all the breathing through your nose... its more cooling on the system.

Or you can go to the poppy fields and hope the wicked witch of the east shows up :)

If you have other natural remedies, please post comments. This seems to be a very common problem.

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